This is CAD/CAM Dentistry today. It is exciting to be a part of it and help to shape how we treat our patients for the better. Remember, that if Orange County Choppers, over ten years ago were using this technology and although we liked the show, let's face it they weren't the smartest people. When many of my colleagues say that they prefer models and the traditional way we have been doing lab work, I see that they are reluctant to change, yet they will reply to my post on a smart phone while on voice recognition. We as an industry should be embracing and furthering this technology.


    For the past year, I have been 95% modeless. That includes dental implant and orthodontic treatment. Only for the challenging full arch restorations do we use models, and they are printed not poured. Removable dentistry, which makes up a small part of my practice, we still do it the traditional way. That will soon be changing also though with the development of removable dentistry pucks.


    CAD/CAM dentistry does not eliminate the need for a dental lab technician. I say it will create more jobs and opportunities in the field as there will be dental offices with their own lab techs on site, just like a hygienist, the lab tech will be an integral part of the dental team. That is a great development for our economy as well as our patients. It will actually make dentists better dentists, especially when you have to draw your own margin. When your preparation is on the screen, and you can evaluate it from 360 degrees, it is sometimes humbling and if you are driven, you will learn and hone your skills. This technology will make dentists better clinicians.


    The picture as I posted is an anterior veneer that the patient fractured. She is a busy person, and although she already went through the procedure of having temporaries made when she originally had the laminates, she was totally blown away that we were able to replace the laminate in an hour with perfect results. Our culture has evolved and precision, speed and comfort will permeate. I view practicing dentistry without CAD/CAM like going back to the telephone line modem. It can be done, but why would you?


    I expect more companies to be bringing products, techniques and technology to the industry. As this happens, it will truly be interesting to see where dentistry will be in the next decade. I am a willing participant in this journey and hope to inspire and also learn from others as we travel into the future.     

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    February is National Dental Health Month.  Dental disease is one of the most preventable

    diseases with regular checkups and intelligent home care.  Boiano Dental is committed 

    to maintenace and prevention of disease and to instill habits that will help to

    promote a lifetime of health.



    The blizzard of 2016 did not preclude Boiano Dental and our staff from providing dental implant care in our Bronx and Eastchester Westchester offices on Monday.  Patient braved the snow and came in with a fractured canine.  We were able to extract the tooth, place a dental implant, place a temporary and let the patient go home with minimal discomfort or down time.  One visit dental implant dentistry is what you need sometimes when life throws something unfortunate at you.


    Temporary in place on top of permanment dental implant without stitches and only a few drops of blood.


    BoianoDental Implant

    Dental Nerve Health




    Having the constant feeling of pins and needles in your teeth, lips, or tongue or the sense that something is burning in those areas or even a sensation of pain, can be helped with nerve health. These are the issues that can happen when there is a miscommunication between the nerves in the body and the brain.

    These vitamins and nutrients have been shown to promote healthy nerve impulses.

    1. Promote a healthy myelin sheath and overall nerve structure
    2. Provide powerful and comprehensive antioxidant protection
    3. Promote a healthy inflammatory response
    4. Promote healthy circulation for those already within normal range

    These vitamins and nutrients are a comprehensive combination of herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients that target the peripheral nervous system to promote health.

    B Vitamins

    The full spectrum of B vitamins helps maintain healthy nerves. These vitamins are important for nervous system function. We know that vitamin B inadequacy can lead to nerve damage in the hands and feet. Diabetics may suffer less tingling and numbness caused by diabetes when they supplement with some B vitamins, particularly B6 and B12. A study presented in June 2009 at the American Diabetes Association's Annual Scientific Sessions found a connection between B12 deficiency and peripheral neuropathy, a disorder resulting in poor communication between the brain and spinal cord. 
    B6 is particularly important. Not only does this vitamin provide energy to the body, it also has a natural, calming effect. Vitamin B6 deficiency has been connected to neurological conditions.
    Vitamin B6 is commonly recommended for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Swelling of the myelin in the wrist may sometimes be caused by a lack of B6. Swelling and tingling in other parts of the body may also be caused by low levels of this critical vitamin, according to vitamin B6 researcher Dr. John Marion Ellis. 
    Vitamin B12 is the most essential nutrient for the nervous system. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to peripheral neuropathy. People who get too little vitamin B12 can exhibit weakness, twitching, pain, numbness, tingling, muscle cramps and burning sensation. 
    Vitamin B1 also helps reduce anxiety and has a calming effect on the nerves. And vitamin B3 helps produce brain chemicals and, in large doses, has a calming effect.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C has many benefits, and relieving anxiety is one of them. Vitamin C aids in healthy brain chemistry and adrenal gland function. In large doses, it has a significant tranquilizing effect.

    Calcium and magnesium

    These essential minerals help combat nervous tension. Calcium has natural and gentle tranquilizing properties. And magnesium helps foster relaxation by reliving anxiety and nervousness. Magnesium also helps relieve muscle spasms, which is another reason athletes need to be sure and get enough of it. Physical activity and sweating aren’t the only factors that lower magnesium stores. Alcohol also depletes the body’s magnesium, leading to irritability and tension

    Gamma-Linolenic Acid

    Gamma-linolenic acid is an omega-6 essential fatty acid. As with omega-3s, omega-6 fatty acids help to promote brain function, normal growth, skin, hair and bone health and to regulate metabolism and the reproductive system. The University of Maryland reports GLA has been shown to reduce the nerve pain in people who suffer from neuropathy due to diabetes. The University of Maryland says GLA can be found in evening primrose, black currants, borage and fungal oils. A doctor can help you determine if you are deficient in GLA.\

    There are many products and supplements that will help nerve issues and speaking with a pharmacist who will guide you to the right supplement that they provide.

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