Teeth in a day is possible with dental implants.  Whether you require one tooth or a full mouth reconstruction, our expertise can provide you treatment that will allow you to never be without teeth.  Dr. Giovanni Boiano and the associates of Boiano Dental are uniquely skilled in providing this type of treatment because we handle the surgical as well as the prosthetic phases of the treatment.  Treatment times are greatly reduced and the healing is accelerated with the proper use of implant.  Not everyone is a candidate, but from the numerous people we have treated, many who were previously told they are not implant candidates have been successfully treated.


    This is a full mouth upper implant treatment.  The patient had always been fearful of treatment as he was told he would have to wear a denture while the implants healed and he could not tolerate a complete denture.  All of his upper teeth were extracted, six implants placed and an acrylic temporary was placed.  The patient walked out with more teeth than he came in with.  And very pleased to say the least.




    Before:  Patient came in because he broke his front tooth.





    Treatment performed was removal of all the upper teeth, placement of eight dental implants and fitting of the acrylic temporary in about an hour.










    Smile is very natural and these are only the temporaries.  The final treatment will be truly fantastic.




     Paient did not have upper teeth.  She hated her upper denture.  Boiano Dental of the Bronx and Eastchester was able to give her dental implant supported teeth comfortably, esthetically and surprisingly affordable all in about an hour.




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